Trones Wood

Below is a larger map of the Trones Wood area.

Note: This is an interactive Google Map. By utilising the zoom-in function ( + button located in top left corner of map), you will obtain a closer view of the map, with location markers distrubuted and individually visible.

We have moved to the extreme south of Trones wood. Just past the southern tip as seen in the image above. A memorial to officers and men of 18 Division ( Gen I. Maxse ) that captured Trones wood finally on 14 July, after atrocious slaughter. The capture of this wood on 14 July, allowed the attack on Delville Wood to become a proposition – at least in the minds of some.
Entering Trones wood from the south, just to the left ( west ) of the 18 Div. memorial. This is a gloomy place. Spirits do not rest easy here.
4 regiment fought bravely here, and lost many…
As we did previously with Bernafay Wood, we have moved from the extreme south of Trones to its northernmost tip. Running throught the centre of the picture was an old German trench system known as “ Montauban Alee` “ and was occupied by a detachment of  2nd D Coy for 2 days between 9 July and 11 July 1916. There were several German machine gun positions in this portion of the wood.
 Changing location once more. This time, standing directly at the “ spear Tip “ or northernmost point of Trones Wood, looking back southward along its western edge. A grove of trees connects Trones and Bernafay today.
From same position at the northern tip of Trones Wood, I spin on my heel 180 degrees and look north. There it is… Delville Wood. At the foot of the wood would have been 2nd Regt, C Coy positions in July 1916.
And about halfway between Trones and Delville Woods, to the right ( east ) lies a rusted old building. It is adjacent to what was German strongpoint in a pre war sugar factory,  known as Waterlot Farm.