The Dead and the Living

UPDATE: Listings of the survivors of A Coy and D Coy 2 regiment have also been added to the chapter The Dead and the Living.

After many hours wading through the files of the men of B Company, a question arose about the living. What happened to the 135 men of that unit who survived WW1? What did they do? Where did they go? When/where did they depart this life – finally?

Whilst the dead had many memorials to their names – most fittingly – why did it seem, at least to my mind, a pervasive silence existed about the men who had returned from that unimaginably degrading war? What, with the benefit of hindsight, did they think of all the pre war humbug about “ King and Country “ and the like ? Or the incessant official propaganda forever proclaiming “victories “ – when there were none. All of this against a background where the supposed societal values of “fairness “ and “honour “ had been shouted down from rooftops in Britain for decades prior?

Was it simply that both participants and onlookers in WW1 were well aware it had been hell ? The dozens of pages of newsprint bearing the names of the dead had been there for all to see. A case of onlooker`s pretending to be busy with the chores of life, and to have been in the dark – whilst the participants pretended that the onlookers would not understand them anyhow, as their pretext for standing apart ?

These are questions impossible to answer now, a century after the fact. A few cases are mentioned below, that seemed particularly poignant. Not all of these cases represent men of B Company but all served in 2 regiment , or were directly associated with men who had done so. Respectfully, I felt they deserved their place here, nonetheless.

William Henry Brook, born Yorkshire April 1855.

  • Circa 1883 he married Alice Elizabeth Bushell in Dover UK. The couple had 8 children.
  • The family emigrated to South Africa circa 1902.
  • WH Brook owned a farm “ Dover “ in Empangeni, Zululand .
  • 13 May 1913: Alice Brook died in Empangeni.
  • 12 April 1918: Walter Douglas Brook KIA
  • 17 October 1918: Eustace James Brook KIA
  • 9 November 1918: Victor Frederick died of influenza in military service in the UK.
  • 2 May 1919: John Albert Brook who fought at Delville Wood , declared permanently deaf in both ears.
  • 1924 May Wyn Morling nee Brook died
  • 1930 Vera Emily Dalton nee Brook died

[With 3 surviving sons after 1918, one of whom was permanently deaf – one can only surmise at William Henry`s thoughts as a father. What had been the point of it all? W H Brook died in Durban on 27 April 1936.]
John Albert Brook died in East London on 16 January 1953. His wife Mabel Alice nee Gay returned to Bordon in Hampshire where they first met in 1919. She died there on 24 December, 1978.

Captain Robert Beverley Beverley. D.S.O . M.C.

  • Capt Beverley was born in London in June 1883.
  • Emigrated to South Africa circa 1904.
  • Major in the Natal Police.
  • Married Millicent Ker ( born in Melbourne in 1877 ), on 2 November 1910 in Eshowe, Zululand.
  • Commanded no 4 platoon , A Company in Delville Wood.
  • WIA 19/7/1916.
  • Member of Allied Military Mission to north Russia 3/1918 – 10/1919.
  • Died 05/07/1922 at Roberts Heights ( Voortrekkerhoogte ). The grave inscription there reads:

And in undying memory of my beloved husband Capt Robert Beverley DSO MC who died on 5 July 1922 from the after – effects of the Great War. Aged 39.

“Dying and behold he lives “.

  • [Millicent Beverley remained a widow. She died on 22 January 1940 at the age of 62, at her daughter’s home in Umzinto. She is buried at Stellawood.]

On a headstone in President Brand cemetery in Bloemfontein are written the following words:

  • In Memoriam

    • B. W. Lansdown. Departed this life 27 August 1901 aged 36 years.
    • “ Willie “ 27 November 1895. Aged 9 months.
    • “ Ernest “ 27 April 1900. Aged 6 Weeks.
    • “ Ben “ who fell in Delville Wood 18 July 1916 aged 23 years.

    Erected by the loving wife & mother.

    [Ben Hudson Lansdown, No 3163, was a member of no 5 platoon, B Company 2 Regiment. His name may be found in the B Company listing. ]

William Hadlow

  • Born in Heilbron OFS in August 1897.
  • B Company 2 Regiment.Badly wounded in Talus Boise 12/07/1916.
  • POW 23/03/1918 – 14/12/1918.
  • Suffered pulmonary complications. Demobed 07/04/1919 Maitland.
  • Involved in the suppression of the Rand Miners revolt in 1922.
  • He died on 18 January 1925 in Bloemfontein.On his headstone in the Bloemfontein Memoriam cemetery are these words:


William Hadlow

2 nd S.A.I.

Born 18 August 1897

Died 18 January 1925

No easy hope or lies
Shall bring us to our goal
But iron sacrifice
Of body, will and soul.

The spreadsheet tabled below provides data of 90 % of the 135 B Company survivors of WW1 that could be traced at the present time. The following points are relevant :

  • The age provided for each person represents their age on enlistment in August 1915, and is not their birth year.
  • The spreadsheet format was derived from the previous B Company listing shown in the chapter on B Company in order to preserve commonality as far as practicable.
  • The death details were almost exclusively obtained from Death Notices as retained in public records. Every effort was made to match place of birth and year of birth with each death certificate to ensure accuracy. Despite this it is impossible to guarantee no error.
  • In general, it was found that the men with Afrikaans surnames were particularly difficult to trace due to the societal habit of having multiple Christian names. The reality is that unless such a person`s place of burial is known beforehand, there are inevitably far too many possible death notices to begin with, unfortunately.
  • Of the 135 surviving members of B Company, it should be noted that all but 3 were wounded during WW1, sometimes in multiple instances. In a lot of cases the wounds were severe & life changing. The immense psychological trauma they endured during WW1 in most cases also had to be borne alone. It is very unlikely that many escaped that aspect, or it`s after effects. This had the consequence of reinforcing the sense of isolation that these men felt vis a` vis the general public, throughout their lifetimes.

B Coy survivor listing in 2 tables, NCO`s and men

Name/Rank Number Age Profession(Enlistment) Place of Birth Date of Death Place of Death Status Profession (Final) Place of Burial
King W L CSM 3782 31 Detective London(UK)  14/11/1942 Cairo Married. Maj W L King died in Cairo during WW2. Gaza War Cemetery
Short A J  QMS 3434 24 Bookkeeper Port Elizabeth  13/07/1960 Johannesburg Single Retired accountant. Johannesburg
Tait N R  SGT 4555 35 Salesman Adelaide(Aust)  18/06/1927 East London Married Immigration Officer. Port Elizabeth
Turner F B SGT 947 23 Clerk ( SAR) Cardiff(UK) 1976  New Brunswick Married Remained in UK after 1918. Emigrated to Canada 1928. Retired.  Jenseg
Sleed A T SGT 4466 24 Clerk KingWilliamstown  19/07/1962 Bloemfontein Married Retired Bloemfontein
Dewar W R L/SGT 3110 27 Carpenter Newcastle(N)  26/01/1935 Johannesburg Single Carpenter. Died in a motorcycle accident, Cleveland JHBurg. Newcastle
Stewart L D Corp 5581 34 Sugar Planter Umzinto(N)  17/06/1946 Scottborough Married Retired Sugar Farmer Umzinto
Adendorff G A L/Corp 3166 25 Clerk(SAR) Bloemfontein  24/05/1972 Port Elizabeth Married Retired Auditor SAR&H. Port Elizabeth
Webber E N L/Corp 3472 21 Salesman Grahamstown(CP)  29/12/1940 Durban Married None given. Stamford Hill
Connock C O L/Corp 4826 22 Farmer Johannesburg  22/07/1982 East London Married Retired farmer. East London
Brickhill E W L/Corp 2999 33 Salesman Durban  25/08/1951 Kokstad Married Salesman. Stellawood
Reed G A   L/Corp 4670 26 Farmer Durban  19/12/1963 Durban Married Retired Farmer Stellawood
Name/Rank Number Age Profession(Enlistment) Place of Birth Date of Death Place of Death Status Profession (Final) Place of Burial
Allen C A                 Pvt 5997 20 Farmer Middelburg(CP)  12/03/1919 Cologne Single  2 Lt in RFC.  Killed in flying accident in Germany. Cologne
Allsop L V               ditto 5563 21 Clerk(SAR) Ladysmith (N)  15/04/1954 Durban Widower Retired Stellawood
Ballard H L 395 31 Chef Reading( Berks)  30/11/1924 Isle of Ely Single Remained in UK, after demob. Lived in Norfolk/Cambridgeshire.
Barker E C 5942 25 Farmer Kokstad(CP)  21/04/1945  Durban Married Retired farmer. Stamford Hill
Becker H J 4662 22 Farmer Potchefstroom  21/08/1975 Johannesburg Married Retired farmer Benoni
Beeton G 3430 30 Farmer Mount Frere  07/08/1968 Pietermaritzburg Married Retired farmer. Comm Rd.
Bennewith W R 6589 19 Engineer(SAR) Uitenhage(CP)  09/08/1964 Pietermaritzburg Married Retiree SAR & H. Comm Rd.
Brickhill D J 3031 22 Farmer Durban  13/07/1964 Durban Married Retired overseer. Stellawood
Bruce H D 6134 19 Farmer Barberton(TVL) 10/14/1977 Ixopo Single Retired farmer Stellawood
Bruton H 449 28 Blacksmith Tarkastad (CP)  01/11/1930 Grahamstown Married Metalworker Grahamstown
Botha H J 3210 21 Farmer Betlehem(OFS) Not traced & unknown.
Byrnes J 4764 26 Machinist Pietermaritzburg  05/09/1946 Pietermaritzburg Married Retired Printers mechanic. Commercial Road.
Barnett F A 2734 27 Clerk(SAR) Lewisham(UK)  06/07/1946 Pretoria Widower  Warrant Officer SA Police Pretoria
Cochrane N A 3113 21 Clerk Dundee( Scot)  21/03/1949 Klerksdorp Married Statistician Klerksdorp
Cowan G H 4864 23 Hairdresser Harrismith(OFS)  11/08/1958 Durban Widower Retired Stellawood
Cresswell H W 1160 34 Clerk KWTown(CP)  21/04/1932 Cape Town Single Retired clerk SAR&H Maitland
Craig T S 3176 18 Clerk(SAR) Kroonstad ( OFS)  21/05/1950 Sussex Married Retired scheduler, SAR&H Hastings
Dashwood H W 3831 23 Blacksmith(SAR) Durban  31/01/1923 Durban Single Tramway motorman Stellawood
Davey E C 5582 29 Planter Pietermaritzburg  04/04/1965 Durban Widower Retired Stellawood
Davidson L J 4522 18 Clerk(SAR) Johannesburg  06/02/1955 London Married Clerk London
Dawson E B 4495 19 Draughtsman Durban  20/03/1957 Johannesburg Married General Manager SA Associated Newspapers Stellawood
Dawson G V 4490 25 Tram Driver Johannesburg  23/01/1946 Durban Married Sugar Planter Stellawood
De Bruyn H J 3935 20 Farmer Ventersburg(OFS)  25/01/1949 Johannesburg Married Miner Johannesburg
Dickson S T 2733 20 Shop Asst Maclear(CP)  28/04/1958 Witbank Married Miner Pretoria
Dupont A H 4467 20 Clerk Stegi(Swaziland)  29/11/1973 Salisbury ( Zim ) Widower  Retired Data processor. Salisbury
Dyer E 4538 37 Machinist Sydney(Aust)  17/05/1923 Durban Married  Machinist. Boer War veteran. West St
Eason R H S 5613 19 Accountant Geelong(Aust)  14/06/1949  Cape Town. Married. Retired Building contractor, normally resident in Bloemfontein. Maitland
Evans J A 3185 35 Telegraphist(SAR) Worcester(CP) Not Traced & Unknown
Faulds D 4487 18 Postman Barrow in Furniss (UK)  28/02/1953 Durban Single Retired West St
Ford J E 4516 19 Chem operator Durban  22/12/1921 Pietermaritzburg Married. Retired, permanently unfit. Comm Road
Fouche G G 3781 24 Clerk(SAR) DeWetsdorp(OFS)  26/03/1952 Parys Married Retired Parys
Fowle H L 4542 19 Clerk (SAR) Kokstad(N)  31/03/1931 Durban Widower Book Keeper Stellawood
Franks G R 4494 24 Clerk ( Bank) Durban  24/09/1946 England Single. Bank Official. Died in Summerford, Christchurch, England. Summerford.
Fraser K W 5617 25 Clerk(SAR) Weybridge(UK)  24/06/1926 Mossel Bay Married  Sergeant SA Police Mossel Bay
Furmidge B W 6132 26 Clerk(SAR) Craddock(CP)  20/11/1968 Pietermaritzburg Married Court Usher Comm Rd.
Fleming A O 6139 19 Farmer Manchester (UK)  25/09/1950 Eshowe Married Sugar Planter. Stellawood
Figg S 6292 27 Clerk Kovno( Lithuania)  09/06/1979 Durban Divorced War Pensioner Durban( Jewish section )
Garland F L 3241 22 Farmer Verulam(N)  14/12/1961 Umhlali Married Retired sugar cane grower. Umhlali
Garstang T 4723 21 Fitter Utrecht(N)  23/01/1974 Pietermaritzburg Married Retired Commercial Road
Gilgan P 4519 27 Tailor Cartonhugh(IRE)  22/07/1959 Wellington(NZ) Single Retired tailor. Emigrated to NZ. Wellington
Gilham C L 81 34 Motor mechanic Braintree ( UK) Demobed Maitland 1919. No trace in SA records
Green E M L 3158 19 Clerk(SAR) Noolen (UK)  14/05/1984 Bedford(UK) Widower Retired Bedford
Greener C W 4738 19 Bell Hop(SAR) Pietermaritzburg Demobed in UK. Suspect remained there. No trace in either UK or SA records.
Hadlow W 976 18 Law Student Heilbron(OFS)  18/01/1925 Bloemfontein Married Pensioned Soldier Bloemfontein
Harmsworth V R 3034 24 Clerk Pietermaritzburg  29/09/1969 Durban Single Pensioner Stellawood
Harvey J N 3242 20 Farmer Verulam(N)  10/04/1963 Durban Married Retired sugar farmer Verulam
Heath A E 6180 23 Farmer Bloemfontein  22/08/1958 Durban Married  SA R & H  Pensioner Stellawood
Heath C V 4528 21 Carpenter Bloemfontein  26 June 1967 traced to Bezuidenhout Valley JHB. Not traced further.
Heath E J 3630 18 Clerk(SAR) Bothaville(OFS)  30/04/1959 Johannesburg Married Retired legal counsel Bloemfontein
Holder L F X403 19 Grocers asst. Devizes ( UK)  19/07/1967 Pietermaritzburg Married Pensioner Commercial Road
Helfrich C J 3182 25 Butcher Aliwal North(CP) Not traced & unknown.
Holder F 4681 31 Miner Lady Grey (CP)  15/06/1934 Germiston Married Retired Miner Primrose
Inman J A 4488 39 Tram Conductor Penge(UK)  09/09/1955 Durban Married Retired West St
Jackson W A 3232 19 Planter Verulam(N)  02/03/1971 Durban Married Retired Stellawood
Jackson L L 4515 19 Clerk Durban  20/06/1961 Eshowe Married Transport Manager Umhlali
Jurgens H T R 4750 28 Salesman Durban  28/09/1939 Empangeni Married Owned a trading store in Matubatuba, Zululand. Stellawood
Kirby J A 2710 25 Clerk Durban  26/08/1965 Durban Widower Retired Stellawood
Kleinschmidt I 3197 22 Clerk Oudtshoorn(CP)  26/06/1940  Cape Town. Married Civil Servant Maitland
Knoetze D 4534 22 Bricklayer Vryburg(CP) Not traced & unknown.
Knewstub WF 2767 18 Salesman Durban  28/07/1968 Durban Widower Pensioner Stellawood
Kirkman W C 2689 30 Butcher Nuneaton(UK)  29/09/1942 Durban Married Master butcher Stellawood
Laredo C F 2825 26 Clerk(SAR) Launceston(TAS)  25/10/1966 Durban Widower Retired Stellawood
Legassick E 3054 32 Bricklayer Penryn(UK)  24/12/1961 Douglas ( CP) Married Pensioner Bloemfontein
Lowe S H A 232 18 Clerk Mount Frere(CP)  27/10/1963 Durban Married Retired Miner Stellawood
Lubbie T A 1266 25 Farmer Calvinia(CP)  15/09/1951 Ladismith ( CP) Married Clerk SAR &H. Ladismith
Loveless E H 1267 38 Gen dealer Craddock(CP)  09/08/1935 Port Elizabeth Married Retired Port Elizabeth
Laverack A 4706 22 Clerk Durban  19/08/1973 Durban Widower Pensioner Stellawood
Maritz G P 812 27 Farmer Griquatown(CP)  14/04/1970 Roodepoort Married Retired farmer. Owned a plot in Honeydew. Roodepoort
Maher M P 4539 18 Sailmaker Pretoria  09/07/1970 Queensland ( Aus ) Married Retired Charters Towers
Maher W 4864 21 Carpenter Pietermaritzburg  09/06/1960 Durban Married Pensioner Stellawood
Mather P R 4722 21 Storekeeper Durban  22/11/1938 Kearsney Married Malaria Inspector Stamford Hill
May J 3171 31 Blacksmith Devonport(UK)  11/09/1937 Phoenix Colliery Married Retired Witbank
McKenzie G R F 6131 31 Farmer Bedford ( CP) Not Traced & unknown.
McKinnon J D 2737 20 Boilermaker Philadelphia(USA)  17/06/1957 Durban Married Retired Stellawood
McMahon J A 4560 18  App electrician Cairo(Egypt)  18/02/1958 Durban Married Retired Stellawood
Middleton H G N 3169 20 Clerk(mines) Bethlehem(OFS)   Dec 1964 Birmingham Widower Retired Birmingham.
Moodie F 4497 18 Draper Durban  12/09/1976 Durban Married Retired Stellawood
Morris H R 3167 21 Clerk Rondebosch(CP)  16/01/1961 Salisbury ( Zim ) Widower Retired farmer Salisbury
Morrison J W 3469 18 Clerk(SAR) Durban  11/09/1956 Durban Married Retired West St
Mulley V H W 3003 19 Salesman Durban  12/04/1965 Durban Married Representative Stellawood
Maritz J H M 811 30 Farmer Griquatown(CP)  11/03/1963 Johannesburg Married Retired Bricklayer Johannesburg
Nel J 4552 18 Porter(SAR) Ladismith(CP)  10/03/1939 Riversdale Married Farmer De Fontein farm
Nichol E D 4518 18 Grocer Durban  07/07/1954 Durban Divorcee Clerk Stellawood
Oliver A M 4496 39 Clerk(SAR) London(UK)  30/07/1931 Durban Single  Clerk SAR & H Stellawood
O`Hara F 1265 38 Salesman Dublin (IRE)  09/09/1941 Swinford(IRE) Single Retired Kilconduff
Pauls H M 70 35 Builders Foreman Humansdorp(CP) Not traced & unknown
Paxton C H 3002 24 Salesman Durban  19/04/1979 Durban Widower Retired Stellawood
Peacock W F C 3641 21 Mechanic Ficksburg(OFS)  13/09/1935 Johannesburg Married Miner Brixton Cemetery
Pittam J 6179 35 Farmer Pietermaritzburg  03/11/1937 Durban Married Carpenter. Stellawood
Pittam T 4481 31 Tram Conductor Pietermaritzburg  06/06/1942 Durban Married Tramway conductor Stellawood
Power F 3481 22 Window dresser Camberwell(UK)  17/03/1970 Durban Married Retired Stellawood
Pritchard H G 3153 23 Bank Clerk Kent(UK) 1949 Bulawayo Married Bank Manager Bulawayo
Reed W G 3471 23 Clerk(SAR) Kokstad(N)  07/06/1968 Cape Town Married Pensioner Plumstead
Rees P D 3546 37 Handyman Arklow(IRE) Arklow(IRE) Single Demobed at Bordon. Returned to Arklow, Ireland.
Richards P E 3036 21 Hammer Driver(SAR) Alexandria(Egypt)  05/07/1965 Durban Married Retired Loco driver Stellawood
Robinson J 4533 28 Compositor Vryburg (CP) Not traced & unknown
Robson W H 3832 21 Riveter(SAR) Umlaas(N)  25/08/1968 Durban Married  Pensioner SAR&H Stellawood
Ryall H 3218 18 Blacksmith Pietermaritzburg  07/02/1960 Salisbury ( Zim ) Widower Retired Greendale
Ryder A 3114 18 Postman Newcastle(N)  05/08/1977 Durban Married Retired SAR&H supervisor Stellawood
Raine J R 3164 38 Stationmaster(SAR) Durham(UK)  17/09/1948 Durban Married Pensioner Stellawood
Sealey B 3041 25 Electrician(SAR) Durban  10/06/1948 Durban Single Electrician(SAR) Stellawood
Sharp G W 6547 27 Engine Driver(SAR) Pietermaritzburg  14/04/1946 PMBurg Married Retired  Comm. Rd.
Smith W 4732 30 Clerk Old Cumnock(Scot) 1926 Roswell Single Demobed in UK 5/5/19 . Returned to Old Cumnock. Dumfries
Smith J N 3707 35 House Decorator Jamestown( St Helena ) Not traced & unknown.
Sumner E 1054 19 Clerk(SAR) Manchester (UK)  28/07/1973 Bethlehem Married Retired farmer Lindley
Swan E J 3010 21 Salesman Ladysmith(N)  22/08/1940 Durban Widower Truck driver. West St
Sterley G A 4559 18 Trader Maseru ( Lesotho)  13/10/1918 Johannesburg Single. Unfit ex serviceman. Died at Wanderers hospital. Brixton Cemetery
Spreckley E H S 3191 31 Clerk Cape Town  09/02/1971 Pietermaritzburg Married Retired Comm Rd.
Tedder L B 3220 27 Farmer Isipingo(N)  19/01/1969 Pietermaritzburg Married Retired Comm Rd.
Timmins J 3184 41 Pipe Layer Antrim (IRE ) Not traced & unknown
Tremearne R C 4486 21 Clerk Durban  28/11/1975 Durban Widower Retired Stellawood
Tyson J P 3726 39 Foreman(SAR) Ambleside(UK)  28/11/1922 Durban Single Checker SAR & H. Stellawood
Upfold G E 4667 18 Cabinet maker Pietermaritzburg  20/01/1944 Pietermaritzburg Married  Clerk SAR & H. Comm. Rd.
Van Heerden W J 4551 27 Labourer Sterkstroom(CP)  17/01/1958 Cape Town Married Retired Signalman Maitland
Van Tonder A J 4553 18 Farmer Winburg(OFS) Not traced & unknown
Vos H 4663 21 Farmer Newcastle(N)  17/08/1965 Durban Married Retired Hotellier Stellawood
Vlok N J 429 37 Farmer Calvinia(CP)  22/07/1955 Van Rhynsdorp(CP) Married Retired Farmer Lutzville
Walters P T 4504 21 Grocers asst. Pietermaritzburg  27/04/1964 Durban Married Retired grocer Stellawood
Weimer T 3177 22 Clerk(SAR) Burgersdorp(CP)  22/08/1941 Cairo Married Re enlisted WW2. Died in Egypt. Suez Memorial Cemetery
Wilson E C 224 35 Farmer Griqualand East  25/11/1918  Mount Fletcher Single Pensioned Soldier Maclear
Wilson W H 4484 20 Engineer Birmingham(UK)  02/10/1941 Durban Married Foreman SAR&H Stellawood
Wiggil A G 5606 19 Farmer Cathcart(CP)  23/05/1979 Queenstown Married Retired. Queenstown
Williamson J 3190 36 Engineer Cape Town  15/04/1949 Durban Married Retired Stellawood

As both A and D  companies of 2 Regiment in Delville Wood, fought on the northern boundary I felt it opportune to include the survivor role of those two units as well . They are shown below. 

A Coy Survivor Listing

Name & RankNumberAgeProfession on enlistmentPlace of birthDate of deathPlace of deathMarital statusFinal professionPlace of burial
Quigley Andrew CSM559633Detective SA PoliceLondonderry ( IRE )12-08-44PietermaritzburgSingleRetired DetectiveMountain Rise
Artz Phillip Michael SGT31927GaolerEast London14-04-54DurbanMarriedRetired WarderStanford Hill
Bremner Thomas Dick SGT447023SalesmanDundee ( SCOT )01-04-33JohannesburgMarriedCompany DirectorNew Cemetery
Matthews William SGT305228Detective SA PoliceDurban12-07-62Port ElizabethMarriedRetired Police officerSouth End cemetery
Borain Harry Valentine CPL447130SalesmanPietermaritzburg03-04-55Salisbury ( Eng)MarriedRetired Colonial Civil servantSt Mary ( Wilts )
Bayley Robert Henry CPL266831PostmanLeamington Spa10-10-64DurbanWidowerRetiredStellawood
Marshall Robert Henry CPL302238Clerk ( SAR )Plymouth17-10-55TorquayMarriedRetiredTorquay
Clark - Miller David Henry CPL347942Railway Guard ( SAR )Whetstone Barnet (Eng )27-08-39LadysmithMarriedRetiredLadysmith
Miles Archibald Pickett CPL646734Fireman ( SAR )Derby ( Eng )21-07-74PietermaritzburgWidowerRetiredCommercial Road
Parkes Malcolm John LCPL282320Shop AsstDurban29-09-55DurbanMarriedRetiredStellawood
Palmer Claude Eric LCPL533520Clerk ( SAR )Craddock21-10-18BloemfonteinSingleClerk ( SAR )Bloemfontein
Burns Cecil George LCPL321120Clerk ( SAR )Durban03-11-50Harrow ( Eng )Married2 Lt Cambridgeshire 1917. RetiredHarrow
Jackson Charles LCPL321445Fireman ( SAR )Preston ( Eng )17-03-52East LondonMarriedRetiredCambridge cemetery
Mills George Henry LCPL320436Clerk ( SAR )St Lukes ( Eng )31-10-31DurbanMarriedRetired Clerk ( SAR )Stellawood
Aitken Thomas George268027PostmanMackay ( AUST )24-05-68DurbanMarriedRetiredStellawood
Alborough Daniel William563019FarmerWeenen1982Salisbury ( Zim )WidowerRetiredSalisbury
Antiglevitch Lazar598826ButcherBelgrade17-09-67SpringsMarriedRetired butcherPrimrose
Baker Arthur George350926ClerkPietermaritzburg04-12-38Fulham ( Eng )SingleGold prospectorFulham
Barnes William Henry441624Postal ClerkDurban12-05-68PietermaritzburgMarriedRetiredCommercial Road
Belcher Harry560924ClerkJohannesburg30-07-48JohannesburgMarriedClerkBrixton
Blackshire Ralph Albert352027ClerkLondon17-10-70Palo Malaga ( Spain)MarriedColonial civil servantPalo
Brook John Albert282018Assistant StoremanDurban16-01-53East LondonMarriedRetiredCambridge
Brook Tertius Alexander346119ClerkJohannesburg21-08-83KimberleyWidowerRetiredMaitland ( C Town )
Brown Henry James273832BlacksmithDurban10-04-69DurbanWidowerRetiredStellawood
Cadenhead James George281618Clerk (SAR )Pietermaritzburg13-03-68Cape TownSingleRetired railway clerkPlumstead
Cain Frederick John275341House decoratorLuton ( Eng )27-05-51LondonWidowerPensionerStepney
Campbell John336138ClerkBlantyre ( SCOT )01-05-62DurbanWidowerRetired shop asst.Stellawood
Campbell Charles280218ClerkReunion ( Natal )15-09-68DurbanMarriedRetired ClerkStellawood
Charles Ernest280926ClerkSnaresbrook ( Eng )21-01-54GermistonMarriedRetired fitter & turnerPrimrose
Clark Walter William305522Coach Builder ( SAR )Durban01-05-60East LondonDivorcedMunicipal pensionerCambridge
Clifton Henry Second325135Clerk ( SAR )Port Elizabeth15-04-45KimberleyWidowerClerk ( SAR )Kimberley
Collingwood Francis Herbert270021Clerk ( SAR )Newcastle ( N )12-12-82DurbanWidowerRetiredStellawood
Cunningham Frank Lewis444738Platelayer (SAR )Leeds ( Eng )07-03-39DurbanMarriedRetired police constableStamford Hill
Davies Thomas John277421CarpenterDundee ( SCOT )Died in 1954JohannesburgNew cemetery
Dickson George Edward279128CarpenterYorkshire ( Eng )30-04-61DurbanSingleRetiredStellawood
Dunstone Stanley Teetulpa118629FitterTeetulpa ( AUST )11-09-78DurbanWidowerPensionerStellawood
Duthie Alexander443528Engineer ( SAR )Glasgow ( SCOT )27-07-51DurbanMarriedPensionerStamford Hill
Eckersley Arthur Osyeth631819ElectricianGermiston03-11-70Christ Church ( Eng )SingleRetiredChrist Church
Edy Norman Herbert444637Chem operatorPort Elizabeth
Emanuel Joel286018Printers compositorJohannesburg08-09-82DurbanWidowerRetired printerStellawood
Evans Harry451122PrinterDurban
Fisher Ernest William454841PainterLondon
Fitzgerald Michael442132Sawyer ( SAR )Liverpool03-05-60DurbanWidowerRetired cabinet makerStellawood
Flick Herbert Graham322936Typewriter mechanicHalesworth ( Eng )19-09-43Chipping Norton ( Eng )MarriedBuilders labourerChipping Norton
Fowler Frederick282220Shunter ( SAR )London18-08-49Port ElizabethMarriedScheduler ( SAR )North End
Gately Richard Davis462034AttorneyEast London15-02-25Tabankulu ( CP )MarriedRetired Attorney
Gooden Arthur320523PlumberDurban10-01-50DurbanMarriedPlumberStellawood
Granger John Leslie441819SalesmanDurban09-09-74DurbanMarriedPensionerStellawood
Gray Archibald116936BricklayerQueenstown29-09-33Cape TownMarriedBuilderMaitland
Griffiths James Lomax272621FitterDurban
Gulliver Jack441922MechanicPerth ( AUST )10-12-70DurbanDivorcedRetired engineerStellawood
Hamilton Hugh Joseph280127FiremanPretoria31-05-66DurbanWidowerRetired fire officerStellawood
Hamilton Thomas Arthur348030ClerkRichmond ( Eng )17-01-68Brentwood ( Eng )WidowerRetiredWillesden
Harborth Otto Jacob45321SailorDurban07-01-48DurbanMarriedTailorStellawood
Hardy Herbert Lionel268625Clerk ( SAR )Bournemouth ( Eng )22-12-69PietermaritzburgMarriedRetiredCommercial Road
Harmsworth Alfred Leslie277821Upholsterer ( SAR )Pietermaritzburg24-02-60Park Rynie ( N )MarriedRetiredKingsborough
Harrison George476220PrinterDurban18-05-68Hillcrest ( N )MarriedRetiredStellawood
Hastings Arthur444418Typist ( SAR )Stockport ( Eng )09-08-68DurbanMarriedRetired ClerkStellawood
Hastings James Herbert444219Packer ( SAR )Macclesfield ( Eng )29-09-66DurbanSingleRetired ( SAR )Stellawood
Hilliker Alfred276229Turner ( SAR )Dulwich ( Eng )06-07-60DurbanMarriedRetired ( SAR )Stellawood
Hope Albert Alexander270818Storeman ( SAR )Durban20-09-38DurbanMarriedChecker ( SAR )Stamford Hill
Hughes John Thomas324727Shop AssistantCardiganshire ( Wales )26-06-69JohannesburgMarriedPensionerBrixton
James Douglas Walter641122School MasterKuching ( Sarawak )11-10-81Portsmouth ( Eng )MarriedRetiredPortsmouth
Jensen Thomas Hans278320French Polisher ( SAR )Durban01-01-60DurbanMarriedPensioner ( SAR )Stellawood
Jones Albert447423Springmaker ( SAR )Durban23-04-73DurbanMarriedRetired springmaker ( SAR )Stellawood
Kent Herbert Hounsell661620Civil servantJohannesburg02-08-62Eshowe ( Zululand )WidowerSolicitorEmpangeni
Kitsing August450723SailorPortland ( USA )25-06-24Tooting ( Eng )SingleSailorTooting
Knott Thomas Edward623919Engine driver ( SAR )Kimberley18-02-63Robertson ( CP )SingleRetired ( SAR )Robertson
Kruger Dirk Jacobus560527MinerVenterstadt ( CP )12-06-73PretoriaMarriedPensionerPretoria
Lennie James Simpson279320MillwrightGlasgow ( SCOT )18-02-72Perranporth ( Eng )MarriedRetired millwrightPerranporth
Lewis Jack346322ClerkLondon11-10-72DurbanMarriedRetired ManagerStellawood
Loxton Clarence562022FarmerQueenstown
Loxton Victor561022FarmerTouws River ( CP )15-12-62East LondonMarriedRetired farmerCambridge
Mahon William466918Dental mechanicDundee ( N )21-06-71PietermaritzburgWidowerDental mechanicCommercial Road
Marsh Arthur Thomas315423Sugar planterChester ( Eng )23-08-19QueenstownSingleFarmerQueenstown
Mason Henry Augustus327233SeamanLondon14-01-38Richmond ( Eng )SingleRetired StoremanRichmond
Mather Alexander Shaw385024SalesmanTyne Dock ( Eng )03-09-50DurbanMarriedManaging DirectorStellawood
May John Henry276322Clerk ( SAR )Durban27-05-70Plettenberg BayMarriedRetired ( SAR )Plettenberg Bay
McIntosh William450640PlumberGlasgow ( SCOT )29-01-41DurbanSingleRetired PlumberStellawood
Meyer Herbert William102919ClerkDurban07-04-73DurbanWidowerRetiredStellawood
Miles Ernest Henry646540ClerkBristol ( Eng )07-09-54East LondonMarriedRetiredCambridge
Munro Herbert461525Fitter ( SAR )Durban10-10-59DurbanMarriedRetired ( SAR )Stellawood
Neilson John Christian442219Fitter ( SAR )Durban06-07-67DurbanMarriedRetired bakerStellawood
Nicholson Stephen477440BlacksmithSheffield ( Eng )Died in 1945
Odgers Charles Dyer276424ClerkPort Elizabeth20-03-65JohannesburgMarriedBuyerBrixton
Osborne Albert Edward304418ClerkDurban14-02-74DurbanMarriedRetiredStellawood
Pay Edward Mitchell615724Customs officerDurban24-10-48Cape TownMarriedStoreman/general dealerMaitland
Plummer Robert Albert339734FiremanCross Haven ( IRE )19-03-20At seaMarriedMerchant seamanAt sea
Pope Harold444323Fireman ( SAR )Pietermaritzburg21-08-56DurbanDivorcedPensioner ( SAR )Stellawood
Poyer Walwyn George446240Hotel ManagerLondon03-07-55Pietersburg ( TVL )MarriedPensionerPietersburg
Rathbone Ernest Vigars616121ClerkDublin ( IRE )28-03-40Tunbridge Wells ( Eng )SingleClerkWoodbury
Robinson John Edmund477738PrinterFicksburg ( OFS )30-08-51QueenstownSinglePensionerQueenstown
Rooke Franklin Hall320324Municipal librarianSingapore Straits25-12-63DurbanMarriedRetired LibrarianStamford Hill
Rose Albert John450834MinerDorset ( Eng )04-09-31GermistonMarriedMinerPrimrose
Ross Allan Victor323518SalesmanIsipingo13-07-75PretoriaMarriedPensionerPretoria
Rowbotham Joseph Henry351918Clerk ( SAR )Estcourt06-11-67DurbanMarriedPensioner ( SAR )Stellawood
Scott Herbert William347034CarpenterWarrington ( Eng )24-11-49Cape TownMarriedBookbinderMaitland
Shackleton Frank Henry324419Chemists ApprenticeDurban02-03-66DurbanMarriedPharmacistStellawood
Shackleton John William460822SalesmanDurban25-01-74DurbanWidowerRetiredStellawood
Shackleton Robert Harrison282129ClerkDurban08-07-66Richmond ( Eng )MarriedRetiredRichmond
Shave John304319CarpenterJohannesburg05-12-68DurbanMarriedCompany DirectorStellawood
Simpkins John Thomas322319Blacksmiths ApprenticeDurban07-04-64Newton Abbot ( Eng )MarriedFitter
Simpson Charles William321932Crane DriverIslington North ( Eng )16-08-52WinkelspruitMarriedRetiredKingswood
Sinclair Alan John300919FitterDurban02-06-67Henley on ThamesWidowerRetired coffee planterUpper Bolney
Smith Ernest David282625FitterDurban17-01-63DurbanSinglePensionerStellawood
Spalding Alexander351823PainterKroonstadt11-05-46JohannesburgMarriedPainterBrixton
Spring William Henry445824HairdresserSwansea ( Wales )07-05-39Kenton ( Eng )MarriedHairdresserHendon
Stott Lionel476728ChemistDenbury ( Eng )25-05-29Engcobo ( E Cape )SingleHealth officialQueenstown
Strachan David Donald322420ClerkArbroath ( SCOT )
Tayler Harold Montague628522BookeeperKimberley24-10-48Cape TownMarriedStoremanMaitland
Teague Bertie Leonard325029ClerkDurban13-09-63DurbanMarriedRetiredStellawood
Thorn Albert Ernest324925ClerkDurban12-12-41Beira ( MOZ )MarriedClerkAt sea
Tierney Alfred James441724DrillerDurban02-08-48DurbanSingleShaperStellawood
Tremearne Vivian Herbert447918GrocerDurban
Tunmer William280040CarpenterDurban17-08-33DurbanMarriedCarpenterStamford Hill
Walker Joseph Hall281342MechanicRotherham ( Eng )30-01-51GermistonMarriedRetired EngineerPrimrose
Wallace William Barr442022SalesmanDurban02-01-72DurbanMarriedRetired traderStellawood
Walsh Cyril James556718FarmerPietermaritzburg
Wilson Andrew Herbert282819ClerkPietermaritzburg05-04-58DurbanMarriedClerkStellawood
Windle William286141Chemical operatorChesterfield ( Eng )29-10-52ChesterfieldWidowerRetiredChesterfield
Witherspoon John Leslie300520SalesmanDurban27-01-60Christchurch ( Eng )MarriedRetired ClerkChristchurch
Wood Leonard Munks469829ClerkDurban16-04-54Nairobi ( Ken )WidowerRetired AccountantNairobi
Wood Saxton Vincent592126DraperManchester ( Eng )03-06-27HarrismithMarriedDraperHarrismith
Woodhead Harold Cawthra320829Customs officerDurban04-01-89PietermaritzburgWidowerRetiredCommercial Road
Wright Herbert278128MechanicButterworth ( CP )31-05-58JohannesburgWidowerRetired InstructorBrixton
Wybrow William322519StoremanDulwich ( Eng )11-01-64Port ElizabethWidowerRetired Company DirectorSouthend
Young Frank Arthur625023FarmerHarding29-03-51WitbankMarriedFarmerWitbank

D Coy Survivor Listing

Name & RankNumberAgeProfession on enlistmentPlace of birthDate of deathPlace of deathMarital StatusFinal professionPlace of Burial
Beckman George Henry SGT476830BlacksmithRouxville ( OFS )11-11-39BenoniWidowerMinerBenoni
Bock Conrad Gustav110022SalesmanKingWilliamstown
Bolton Eric Nicholls218920FarmerCape Town01-03-80GrahamstownMarriedRetired FarmerGrahamstown
Deiringer Albert Joseph109820PublicanKingWilliamstownMarried 1926Queenstown
Falconer Cecil Allan CSM238934Fire Brigade MarshalCape Town19-10-19East LondonSingleFire Brigade MarshalCambridge
Farrow John Wilfred465437ArchitectWokingham ( Eng )20-04-52East LondonMarriedArchitectCambridge
Furniss Richard119934PainterKineton ( Eng )28-04-28Windsor ( CAN )SinglePainterWindsor
Janion John Reginald105839Stock InspectorAlderley Edge ( Eng )Died in 1927Transkei
Kidson Herbert Victor234025SalesmanQueenstown19-04-44QueenstownMarriedLaundry ProprietorQueenstown
Marshall George Edmund283430Bank ClerkFicksburg ( OFS )22-07-39Port ElizabethMarriedBank OfficialSouthend
Messenger Herbert William161438CarpenterGloucester ( Eng )30-12-67QueenstownSingleRetired EngineerQueenstown
Paget William Albert272437ClerkHull ( Eng )11-10-47East LondonMarriedRetired AccountantCambridge
Perceval James Byrne267634Landscape ArtistLambton ( AUST )02-06-69Newcastle ( AUST )WidowerRetiredBeresfield
Robertson William Archibald160821MoulderEast London07-11-54JohannesburgDivorceeMoulderKlerksdorp
Sampson Douglas William460424ChemistAlice ( CP )30-06-66AliceMarriedRetiredAlice
Smith Herbert Baverstock105138ClerkEast London26-12-26Port ElizabethMarriedClerkSouth End
Arenhold William Arthur80524ClerkBarberton07-09-58Cape TownMarriedSales ManagerPlumstead
Ashman Gerald Richard649016ScholarLondon15-05-65BloemfonteinMarriedClerk ( SAR )Bloemfontein
Barnett Robert636729SalesmanElliott05-04-36KingWilliamstownMarriedSalesmanKingWilliamstown
Barrable Thomas Guildford255445CarpenterFort Beaufort03-06-51QueenstownWidowedFarmerQueenstown
Barrett Charles Alfred110223MechanicKingWilliamstown29-09-44Port ElizabethMarriedChargeman ( SAR )South End
Barrett David Joseph162233BlacksmithEast London08-04-46East LondonMarriedWelderCambridge
Blackbeard James Andrew239328TraderUmtata23-06-37MtubatubaDivorcedSugar FarmerEmpangeni
Blackbeard William Randolph224032PolicemanKingWilliamstown
Booms Archibald William240336CarpenterCape Town27-08-43Bromley ( Eng )MarriedRetiredBromley
Bowes William Victor109519FarmerGrahamstown06-12-69QueenstownMarriedRetired FarmerQueenstown
Bran Ralph627442Cook ( SAR )Lymington ( Eng )12-11-18East LondonMarriedCook ( SAR )Cambridge
Brent Jack467318MillerKingWilliamstown
Brown Charles William461227CoxwainEast London11-11-47Cape TownMarriedBerthing MasterMaitland
Brunner Emile Conrad563721PrinterPietermaritzburg07-12-51PietermaritzburgMarriedCompositorCommercial Road
Bursford Herbert James477334Shipping ClerkNewmarket ( Eng )15-04-19East LondonMarriedClerkCambridge
Carnegie Bailie Hamilton629021ClerkDurban03-02-61DurbanMarriedSuperintendent ParksInanda
Coburn Bert Hamilton166926MinerBallarat ( AUST )27-02-45JohannesburgMarriedToolmakerWest Park
Conyngham Dennis Bartle559734Labour AgentUmzinto19-04-37PinetownMarriedLabour AgentStamford Hill
Cooper Arthur Ernest463332CarpenterBarkley East24-03-60QueenstownMarriedRetired CarpenterQueenstown
Cox Reginald Warr266426ClerkBristol ( Eng )14-08-20BristolMarriedClerkAvonview
Cragg John Conway218620ClerkKingWilliamstown02-12-73Cape TownMarriedRetired Managing DirectorPlumstead
Craigie John Herbert270118ClerkAlice ( CP )18-04-45East LondonMarriedMunicipal ClerkCambridge
Doyle James239229TraderMount Frere26-09-49UitenhageMarriedFarmerUitenhage
Dudgeon James269026StoremanEast London16-06-61East LondonMarriedClerkCambridge
Farquhar Samuel189331Store KeeperAberdeen ( SCOT )14-01-40Lewisham ( Eng )MarriedRetiredLewisham
Forbes John217521StoremanDundee ( SCOT )
Ford Harold Dermond219519PrinterEast London15-09-62Salisbury ( ZIM )MarriedRetiredSalisbury
Ford Michael163521CarpenterMalmesbury
Fouche Steven Phillipus557621LabourerHeilbron
Fourie Christiaan Joziah27521Station Master ( SAR )Hofmeyr ( CP )
Frankel George William463148Horse TrainerGawler ( AUST )23-02-34QueenstownMarriedRetiredQueenstown
Fuge Harry465228FarmerBridge End ( Eng )20-03-72East LondonWidowerRetiredCambridge
Geach Lavin ThomasX97732TraderGrahamstown02-10-45Cala (CP )MarriedTraderCala
Glazier Frederick Edward469639FarmerLondon04-07-56Port St JohnsSinglePensionerPort Shepstone
Haddow Thomas268324Harness MakerGrahamstown03-04-26East LondonMarriedTram ConductorCambridge
Harmuth Alfred112029Clerk ( SAR )Rouxville ( OFS )01-11-33East LondonSingleClerk ( SAR )Cambridge
Hatchard Francis Hugh463425Clerk ( SAR )Grahamstown14-09-71KnysnaWidowerRetired clerk ( SAR )Plettenberg Bay
Hogg John Chapman315239Railway Guard ( SAR )Hammersmith ( Eng )Died 1970Natal
Horne Arthur Jacobus466120Fireman ( SAR )Kroonstad ( OFS )
Horne Clement Arthur196819BarmanRobben Island ( Cape Town )20-11-67Cape TownMarriedPensionerMaitland
Hoyle Clifton Nicholas465718Motor MechanicGrahamstownDied 1949Kitwe ( ZAM )Kitwe
Humphrey John Thorburn475320ClerkEast London30-06-64DurbanMarriedWool TraderStellawood
Jackson Joseph Harman561521ClerkLiverpool ( Eng )05-06-49Port ElizabethMarriedManagerSouthend
Jessop Nesbit Archibald558622TraderTabankulu ( E Griqualand )07-08-67UmtataMarriedTraderCala
Keevey Alexander Birt271334FarmerEast London22-10-61ElliottWidowerRetired FarmerElliott
Kelly Brian Hugh161018ScholarBarkly East10-05-30East LondonSingleMunicipal ClerkOxford Street
Kidson Reuben478118SalesmanQueenstown18-02-59StutterheimMarriedStores ClerkStutterheim
Kirby Walter James443740StevedoreKings Lynn ( Eng )19-06-54Great Yarmouth ( Eng )SingleRetiredGreat Yarmouth
Koch Isaac John273520Apprentice Fitter
Land Percy Edward267418TelegraphistTranskei09-03-64KingWilliamstownMarriedRetiredKingWilliamstown
Le Roux George Benjamin275220Riveter ( SAR )Adelaide ( CP )
Leonie John625240BricklayerOudtshoorn( CP )08-10-38Middelburg ( CP )MarriedBuilderMiddelburg
Levinson Ellis Elias266022ClerkDordrecht25-04-70JohannesburgMarriedPensionerBrixton
Lonsdale Charles George164020ClerkCape Town18-08-56DurbanMarriedClerkStellawood
Maclean Neil266134Railway Guard ( SAR )Lochmaddy ( SCOT )10-10-40East LondonMarriedRetired Railway PensionerCambridge
Mahon William594347BootmakerLondon04-07-39SurreySingleBootmakerSurrey
Mallett George Maynard51629BookeeperQueenstown22-04-37East LondonMarriedCompany DirectorCambridge
Marshall Hewitt Lombard564123FarmerEast London14-07-69Fort Lauderdale ( USA )MarriedRetiredFt Lauderdale
Maytham Henry Dunbar239426StoremanQueenstown09-12-45QueenstownMarriedProduce MerchantQueenstown
Maytham Walter Alfred245419ClerkGrahamstown01-10-58KlerksdorpWidowerHandymanKlerksdorp
Mills Henry George555820Clerk ( SAR )Northampton ( Eng )17-05-35SimonstownMarriedChaffeurWynberg
Montague Harry462937TailorUmtata15-10-35UmtataMarriedSpeculatorUmtata
Neilson William James163021PlumberEast London12-07-67JohannesburgMarriedMines PensionerNew cemetery
O'Hare Thomas Harold265724ClerkPrince Albert ( CP )17-09-52Cape TownMarriedPensionerPlumstead
Paice Percy217119Clerk ( SAR )Bloemfontein22-03-51BloemfonteinMarriedStaff Clerk ( SAR )Bloemfontein
Papenfus Herbert James554918ScholarJohannesburg
Phillips Leslie463820Clerk ( SAR )Penzance ( Eng )11-08-55DurbanMarriedPrincipal Clerk ( SAR )Stellawood
Phillips Sydney George161522Clerk ( SAR )Idutywa22-07-75East LondonWidowerRetired clerk ( SAR )Cambridge
Rawlings Jack270725FarmerKingWilliamstown02-11-52Cape TownMarriedClerkMaitland
Rawlings Thomas Jerome271833ClerkKingwWilliamstownDied in Ladysmith ( N )
Reardon John Joseph219922ClerkKingWilliamstown22-05-43Hlatikulu ( SWAZI )MarriedPolice OfficerHlatikulu
Rees Ivor44322Clerk ( SAR )Middlesborough ( Eng )05-01-54JohannesburgMarriedRetired Clerk ( SAR )Braamfontein
Reich Robert Walter104024OutfitterBurgersdorp ( CP )21-12-51Port ElizabethMarriedOutfitterSouth End
Richardson Olgar Donovan266919FarmerBulawayo ( ZIM )03-11-19Berlin ( CP )SingleSoldierKingWilliamstown
Riches Edward Joseph251028Commercial TravellerLondon07-04-57Bexhill on Sea ( Eng )SinglePensionerSussex
Ritchie Charles Wallace163625Wagon Builder ( SAR )Umtata
Robb Ronald628425Station Foreman ( SAR )Liverpool ( Eng )11-07-53Port ElizabethMarriedRetired ( SAR )Southend
Roberts Carey Woolcott219420Bank ClerkCraddock19-10-59Port ElizabethMarriedRetired DairymanNorth End
Roberts Duncan James167839BlacksmithRouxville ( OFS )
Robertson Robert Turner266223Clerk ( SAR )East London17-06-69Windhoek ( NAM )WidowerRetiredPioneerspark
Robinson George Henry463029BarmanQueenstown30-06-23QueenstownSingleMasonQueenstown
Schultz Franz562626BakerKingWilliamstown02-12-65KingWilliamstownMarriedRetired BakerKingWilliamstown
Schwartz Bernard44632MasonQueenstown04-06-34QueenstownMarriedBuilderQueenstown
Shearer George Linden46823Dental MechanicQueenstown28-11-59QueenstownMarriedDental SurgeonQueenstown
Sjoberg Alfred Bernard37318GrocerBalmain ( AUST )08-05-67JohannesburgMarriedMine PensionerPrimrose
Slater Gordon Chalmers162818ClerkEast London24-02-21East LondonSingleCommercial ClerkCambridge
Smith Arthur Bertram474019Traders AssisstantQueenstown
Spencer Charles Bridgewater164324FarmerNorthampton ( Eng )10-08-75DurbanMarriedRetiredPinetown
Thompson George Albert159721ElectricianEast London30-06-44ItalyDivorcedSoldier. KIA in Italy, WW2.
Thomson William George29026SalesmanNewcastle ( N )04-02-33QueenstownDivorcedOverseer Municipal MarketQueenstown
Tucker Cyril William465118StudentJohannesburg02-05-59JohannesburgMarriedLand surveyor ( Nairobi )New Cemetery
Tune William Tovey465324SalesmanQueenstown25-06-65PietermaritzburgMarriedRetiredCommercial Road
Upton John Claude159923MasonKingWilliamstown23-12-66DurbanWidowerRetiredStellawood
Wakefield Henry Gilbert266323Tube MillerStafford ( Eng )Died 1963Ivanhoe ( AUST )WidowerRetiredNorthcote
Wakeford Reginald Walter109420ClerkQueenstown
Webster Spencer Landale463619StudentBechuanaland14-08-82East LondonMarriedRetiredCambridge
Wells Harold Dyke564321ClerkMorija ( Lesotho )27-01-83Plettenberg BayWidowerRetiredPlettenberg Bay
Whittaker Edmund Alfred464729StoremanPlymouth ( Eng )17-04-26GrahamstownWidowerClerkCambridge
Wicks Cecil161919ClerkEast London
Wilde Harry Hobson16323ClerkKingston ( Jamaica )02-08-23DurbanMarriedClerkStamford Hill
Willis Joseph Butler95025ManufacturerFort Beaufort25-05-72KingWilliamstownMarriedRetiredKingWilliamstown
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