Shown below is a larger scale map of Delville wood. Pictures 69 – 74 are relevant to this map.

Note: This is an interactive Google Map. By utilising the zoom-in function ( + button located in top left corner of map), you will obtain a closer view of the map, with location markers distrubuted and individually visible.

Do not let the beauty of this wood deceive you – the Devil walks here !
Most of the SA men KIA here are not buried in Delville Wood cemetery. This was because of the shortage of stretcher bearers – priority had to be given to the wounded. The dead were left in shallow graves or shell holes, marked with a small wooden cross – not unlike the ones we left here this day. However the fighting over Delville Wood only ceased on 6 September 1916, by which time given repeated artillery barrages, these  wooden grave markers were destroyed. As a result the men whose bodies were never found  are commemorated on the monument to the missing at Thiepval, about 8 Km`s north. Here are a few however…
H.M Deeley of Durban. 2nd Regt B Coy.
Lt  J.G.Connock of the farm “ Apthorp “ near Ficksburg OFS. 2nd Regiment D Coy.
Eber Hudson of Durban. Stretcher bearer.  2nd regiment, B Coy.
A view of Delville Wood cemetery.  Important to realise that SA men are a small minority here. Fighting raged around this area for 3 months, with over 100 000 men being committed on both sides. There are graves from all over the empire, but mainly the UK.
The other half of the cemetery…The SA monument is in the background.
Right near where we felt that Aubrey fell, it was heartening to see someone had also placed a cross .  In memory of Laurence Wybrow, 3206 –  2nd  Regt  A Coy. Born London 1897. Clerk by profession. Resided in Durban. KIA 15/7/1916. RIP.
My choice of location. 15 July 2016, 13.30 hours. Culmination of 5 years of research about a young man, KIA at 19.
Lionel`s choice.
Richard`s choice.
Aubrey Neville Hutchinson’s commemoration at Thiepval monument.
Thiepval monument from near the entrance. Monument to so many.
Thiepval rear view.