Hutchinson Ancestry

In the beginning of this story, the Hutchinson family Gerald, Mabel, Hubert, Aubrey and Irene lived at no 20 Arundel Gardens , Kensington. This was over the period 1905 – 1914.


However, in 1914, Hubert had enlisted in the administrative arm of the army, and Aubrey had sailed for South Africa by 31 July. Obviously, the property at Arundel Gardens was now too big for the three remaining family members. Gerald Hutchinson decided to sell the Arundel Gardens property, and moved into a smaller unit at No 3 Stanley Gardens, nearby as a temporary arrangement.

It was in this dwelling on Friday 28 July 1916 that Gerald and Mabel Hutchinson heard of the death of Aubrey on 15 July, from Lt Col G. G. Helbert, liaison officer of the South African mission in London.
Below is the garden behind the façade of Stanley Gardens, which Gerald Hutchinson probably walked many times. One can only guess at his thoughts…
It does seem, that at almost the same time, Gerald purchased their intended replacement dwelling at no 2 Beaumanor Mansions, Queens Road, Bayswater. Presumably no 20 Arundel gardens was not on the market for very long. The second block from the left, shown below – is no 2 Beaumanor Mansions in June 2016.
As far as can be established, the Hutchinson parents plus their elder son Hubert, moved to 32 York Road, Sudbury, Suffolk about 1940. Gerald Hutchinson died at that address on 23 January 1951. Mabel died at the same address on 29 December 1956. Flt Lt Hubert G. Hutchinson died there also on 3 August 1957.
Eirene Vyvienne married Robert D Buchanan in Kensington in 3rd quarter 1926. As far as I can ascertain, there was one son by that marriage – Derek John Buchanan, born 18 July 1927. Derek John Buchanan died in December 1999 in Norwich, Norfolk.
In 4th quarter 1951, Eirene married Ivan Francis Low, a retired army major, who had been based at Gibraltar during WW2.  She lived for many years at Cala D`or, Mallorca, Spain.  Sometime between 1983 and 1987 she returned to the UK, in order to live near her son. She died in Nothampton on 25 January 1992.
Apart from possible descendants on the Buchanan side, it would appear that the Hutchinson family has largely died out…