On 21 October 1915, 2nd regiment arrived at the Quebec barracks, Bordon . British army training plus familiarisation with new weapons such as Lewis Guns and Trench mortars was provided. After an Xmas furlough, the regiment left for Egypt.
But some stayed here…
Albert  Hazell. No 4721. 2nd Regiment C Coy. Born in Pinetown Natal 1893. Enlisted in Durban. 22 years of age. Fireman ( South African Railways ). From his service number, he was part of the first draught that enlisted in August 1915. But he never made it  any further…
To my mind, one of the saddest photo`s that I took. George Alfred Goodacre. No 2925. 1st Regiment A Coy. Born 1890 in Cape Town, enlisted in Cape Town. Shipping Clerk.  “ A son of South Africa “. RIP
A man who served under a pseudonym, for reasons of his own. But, he gave all he had…
And finally, an old soldier who nearly made it.
Jacobus Henry Darlew. Born in George ( Cape Province ) in 1883. Carpenter.
Fought in the Anglo Boer War, a member of Rimington`s Guides from early 1900.
Enlisted 28 May 1916 as no 285,  SA Pioneers, fought in East Africa. Discharged 13/3/17 Maitland . Ill Health.
Re enlisted No 16831 on 30 July 1917. Bound for Europe. 2 Regt B Coy.
Died 20/9/18. 51 days before the armistice.

A long , hard road…. R I P.

Darlew`s grave in a quiet corner. A country churchyard with no elegy.  But, –  yes, the paths all lead to the grave.
The Quebec barracks area as it looks today ( 2016). Apparently it has been scheduled for demolition and redevelopment.