2 Regt B Coy – who were they?

The section below contains the details of B company, second Regiment that fought in Delville Wood on 15 July 1916.  All of these men were volunteers.

It should be noted that the classification “ Status “ below contains many entries stating “ survived “. These were men who survived combat in Delville Wood. Although a small number, miraculously survived until the armistice, most did not and fell in subsequent battles before the end of WW1. POB and POE stand for place of birth and enlistment respectively.

Although the 2nd  Regt was termed “ the Natal and OFS “ regiment, the reality was that one company ( C Company ) was comprised mainly of volunteers from the eastern Cape & districts. It was known as the “ Border “ company as a result.

All of the OFS volunteers were placed in B Company. The official policy was to classify men according to their place of enlistment , not place of birth.

Some interesting trends emerge from the data of the 221 men of B company :

  • 34% were not born in South Africa. The vast majority of these were born in the UK.
  • 28 % were clerks before the war, and 18% were farmers. Professional men numbered less than 5%.
  • 24% of B Company  were employees of the South African Railways prior to WW1.
  • 35% of B company men enlisted in Durban and 22 % enlisted in Bloemfontein ( Bloemfontein was the major rail scheduling centre for the country at the time ).
  • 71% of B company men had had prior military experience ( Boer war, Zulu and Boer rebellions, and the campaign in South West Africa , excluding school cadets ).

Gen H T Lukin was concerned about Boer war veterans of dubious fitness, and requested that priority be given to young men under the age of 25, although Boer war veterans of high fitness levels would not be summarily excluded. Nearly all the men above the age of 34 were Boer war veterans.

B Company Roll

King W L / CSM378231DetectiveLondon (UK)Bloemfontein73SurvivedWIA 12/4/17. Captain 1918. Irish Rebellion. KIA Gaza 14/11/1942.
Short A J / QMS343424BookkeeperPort ElizabethFrankfort(OFS)68SurvivedDemob 25/5/19. Maitland.
Tait N R / SGT455535SalesmanAdelaide(Aust)Durban71SurvivedDMU. Demob 21/5/17. Wynberg.
Thomson G H / SGT318639TailorLeeds(UK)Bloemfontein65KIA 15/7Com Thiepval.
McClelland D J / SGT449240constableManchester(UK)Durban68KIA 15/7Com Thiepval.
Turner F B / SGT94723Clerk ( SAR)Cardiff(UK)Montague CP70POW 15/7Demob 15/4/19. Perham Downs.
Ryder R F / SGT454324OutfitterNewcastle(N)Newcastle(N)73KIA 15/7Com Thiepval.
Wright W J / SGT272728Stationmaster(SAR)JohannesburgBloemfontein66KIA 15/7Com Thiepval.
Sleed A T / SGT446624ClerkKWTown(CP)Bloemfontein68WIA 15/7.2 Lt 26/2/18. RFC 10/6/18.
Malley J H st C / SGT470340EngineerDublin(IRE)Potchefstroom70KIA 18/7.Com Thiepval.
Dewar W R / L/SGT311027CarpenterNewcastle(N)Newcastle(N)73WIA 15/7.Demob 18/8/19 Maitland. Killed accident 1935. JHB.
Stewart L D / Corp558134Sugar PlanterUmzinto(N)Umzinto69POW 15/7.Demob 26/6/19. Maitland.
James J T / Corp462125FarmerUtrecht(N)Newcastle(N)72KIA 18/7.Com Thiepval.
Coombe E G / Corp346621ClerkJohannesburgEstcourt(N)72MIA 18/7Presumed dead. Com Thiepval.
Jenkinson C / Corp638023SalesmanHuddersfield(UK)Dundee(N)69KIA 15/7Com Thiepval.
Cooper C B / Corp134138PainterLeeds(UK)Krugersdorp71KIA 15/7Took part in Jamieson raid. Com Thiepval.
Jacobs A N / L/Corp284630ClerkHarrismith(OFS)Potchefstroom68KIA 15/7Com Thiepval.
Adendorff G A / L/Corp316625Clerk(SAR)BloemfonteinPotchefstroom71WIA 18/7Demob 12/6/19. Maitland.
Webber E N / L/Corp347221SalesmanGrahamstown(CP)Durban69SurvivedWIA 12/10/16. DPU. Demob 25/12/18. Wynberg.
Wiley F H / L/Corp317530Clerk(SAR)BloemfonteinBloemfontein67Survived.Suicide 3/7/18. Com Brookwood Military cemetery UK.
Boucher C J / L/Corp105024Clerk ( lands )London(UK)Kimberley70Survived.2 Lt 20/8/16. DOW 8/9/16. Warlencourt. Com Villers Station cemetery.
Connock C O / L/Corp482622FarmerJohannesburgFicksburg(OFS)71WIA 15/7.WIA 23/1/16 . WIA 24/9/17. Demob 23/12/19. Maitland.
Brickhill E W / L/Corp299933SalesmanDurbanDurban70POW 15/7Demob 7/9/19. Maitland.
Cummings A / L/Corp450333FarmerSeattle (USA)Ficksburg(OFS)67SurvivedKIA 16/10/17. Com Tyne Cot cemetery Ypres.
Reed G A / L/Corp467026FarmerDurbanDurban72Survived.WIA 12/10/16. Warlencourt. Demob 3/6/19. Maitland.
Chaplin T O / L/Corp318336ClerkMeath( IRE )Pretoria68SurvivedWIA 12/10/16. Warlencourt. DOW 21/10/16. Com Nunhead cemetery (UK)
Allen C A Pvt599720FarmerMiddelburg(CP)Tongaat(N)71SurvivedTransferred to Northumberland Fusiliers.
Allen F Pvt614328FarmerDonard(IRE)Potchefstroom67KIA 18/7Com Delville Wood
Allsop L V ditto556321Clerk(SAR)Ladysmith (N)Ladismith(OFS)72SurvivedDemob 26/6/19.Maitland.
Arnold A R614520ClerkLondon(UK)Pietermaritzburg71KIA 8/7Killed at Bernafay wood. Com Peronne Road cemetery.
Babb E C319223Guard(SAR)KimberleyDundee(N)68Survived.KIA 12/10/16.Warlencourt. Com Thiepval.
Ballard H L39531ChefReading( Berks)Pretoria71Invalided 18/7DPU. Demob 2/8/18. Bordon.
Barbe F C270224PainterBethulie(CP)Bloemfontein66Survived.KIA 12/10/16. Warlencourt.Com Thiepval.
Barker E C594225FarmerKokstad(CP)Kokstad(CP)66WIA 15/7Transferred to Cavalry 17/4/7 2 Lt.
Barnett F A273427Clerk(SAR)Lewisham(UK)Richmond(N)70SurvivedWIA 21/3/18. Demob 1/6/19. Maitland.
Becker H J466222FarmerPotchefstroomNewcastle(N)69WIA 16/7Demob 16/12/19. Maitland.
Beddy N W96719ClerkPhillipolis(OFS)Senekal(OFS)71Survived.KIA 12/4/17. Arras. Com Brown`s copse cemetery. Roeux.
Bennewith W R658919Engineer(SAR)Uitenhage(CP)Krugersdorp69WIA 18/7WIA 12/4/17. WIA 14/10/17. DPU. Demobed 24/7/18. Wynberg.
Bentley G J347522FarmerNew Hannover(N)New Hannover(N)70KIA 15/7Com Thiepval.
Bester J P L302423Fireman (SAR)Mooi River(N)Durban64MIA 15/7PD. Com Thiepval.
Blanksby H R370629SchoolmasterNSW(Aust)Durban70SurvivedKIA 12/4/17. Arras. Com Brown`s copse cemetery. Roeux.
Botha H J321030FarmerBetlehem(OFS)Bloemfontein71WIA 16/7DPU. Demob 5/3/18. Wynberg.
Brickhill D J303122FarmerDurbanDurban70Sick 21/7/16.DPU. Demob 12/1/18. Wynberg.
Bruce H D613419FarmerBarberton(TVL)Ixopo72POW 15/7.Demob 7/5/19. Maitland.
Bruton H44928BlacksmithTarkastad (CP)Johannesburg68Survived.Demob 25/5/19. Maitland.
Buller F H319436BarmanWellington( Somerset)Bloemfontein64SurvivedKIA 12/4/17. Arras. Com Brown`s copse cemetery. Roeux.
Byrnes J476426MachinistPietermaritzburgDurban69SurvivedWIA 14/10/16
Chalsty C H454127AccountantDurbanDurban72Survived.Killed in Munitions accident 9/1/17. Com Fauborg – D`Amiens cemetery ( Arras).
Chichester T A300432Clerk(SAR)Harrismith(OFS)Durban67KIA 18/7Com Thiepval.
Clohessy M JX2726Clerk(SAR)Cape TownCape Town67SurvivedWIA 15/7/16. KIA 24/3/18. Com Pozieres memorial.
Cochrane N A311321ClerkDundee( Scot)Newcastle(N)64WIA 18/7DPU. Demob 5/8/18. Wynberg.
Corrie A W612818FarmerDouglas (CP)Pietermaritzburg71SurvivedKIA 11/4/17. Arras. Com Arras memorial.
Cowan G H486423HairdresserHarrismith(OFS)Harrismith(OFS)67SurvivedWIA 10/9/16. Warlencourt. DPU. Demobed 26/7/20. Wynberg.
Cowie A55136SalesmanLeith(Scot)Johannesburg66KIA 16/7Com Thiepval.
Craig T S317618Clerk(SAR)Kroonstad ( OFS)Bloemfontein69SurvivedWIA 23/3/18. Demob 22/7/19. Maitland.
Cresswell H W116034ClerkKWTown(CP)Bloemfontein69WIA 15/7DPU. Demob 8/10/17. Wynberg.
Dale C J300126FarmerYorkshire(UK)Durban68KIA 18/7Com Thiepval.
Dashwood H W383123Blacksmith(SAR)DurbanDurban70WIA 17/7DU. Demob 31/1/17. Durban.
Davey E C558229PlanterPietermaritzburgUmzinto(N)67POW 17/7Demob 10/5/19. Maitland.
Davidson L J452218Clerk(SAR)JohannesburgDurban69SurvivedDemob 29/5/19. Maitland.
Davis A A475726ContractorMelville (N)Johannesburg66SurvivedKIA 12/4/17. Arras. Com Brown`s copse cemetery. Roeux.
Davis T O323120GrocerNewcastle(N)Bloemfontein68KIA 17/7Com Thiepval.
Dawson E B449519DraughtsmanDurbanDurban71SurvivedTransferred as 2 Lt to RFC 10/5/18. Demobed 12/6/19.
Dawson G V449025Tram DriverJohannesburgDurban70Survived.Demob 24/5/19. Maitland.
De Bruyn H J393520FarmerVentersburg(OFS)Winburg(OFS)72WIA 15/7WIA 10/4/17. WIA 27/3/18. Demob 22/5/19. Maitland.
Deeley H M451718Clerk(SAR)DurbanDurban69KIA 15/7Com Delville Wood
Dennant P E473027Conductor(SAR)Port ElizabethDurban68KIA 15/7Com Thiepval.
Dickson S T273320Shop AsstMaclear(CP)Maclear(CP)68WIA 16/7WIA 13/4/17. Arras. DU. Demob 17/10/19. Maitland.
Dupont A H446720ClerkStegi(Swaziland)Durban68Survived.DMU.Demobed 8/10/18. Wynberg.
Dyer E453837MachinistSydney(Aust)Durban70WIA 18/7DPU. Demob 21/5/17.
Eason R H S561319AccountantGeelong(Aust)Bloemfontein70WIA18/7Transferred RFC 23/7/17.
Enslin J M42218App PlumberJohannesburgJohannesburg69SurvivedKIA 12/10/18. Com Maurois Communal cemetery.
Evans J A318535Telegraphist(SAR)Worcester(CP)Bloemfontein68SurvivedSgt ( MM) 25/7/16. Demob 26/6/19 Maitland.
Evans T J348218ClerkSouth Wales(UK)Durban69MIA 18/7Presumed dead. Com Thiepval.
Faulds D448718PostmanBarrow in Furniss (UK)Durban68WIA 17/7WIA 23/6/18. Demob 26/4/19. Maitland.
Fennell G H347622ElectricianWest Ham( Essex)Durban70KIA 15/7Com Thiepval.
Figg S629227ClerkKovno( Lithuania)Cape Town67SurvivedWIA 12/10/16. Warlencourt. DPU. Demob 27/4/17. Wynberg.
Fleming A O613919FarmerManchester (UK)Pietermaritzburg68WIA 17/7WIA 13/4/17. Arras. Demob 6/10/19. Maitland.
Foaden F627523ClerkPietermaritzburgDurban66MIA 18/7Presumed dead. Com Thiepval
Ford J E451619Chem operatorDurbanDurban70POW 15/7GSW Head. DU. Demob 11/6/19. Maitland.
Fouche G G378124Clerk(SAR)DeWetsdorp(OFS)Bloemfontein72Survived.POW 24/3/18. Demobed 8/5/19. Maitland.
Fowle H L454219Clerk (SAR)Kokstad(N)Durban69MIA 18/7DPU. Demob 25/9/17.
Franks G R449424Clerk ( Bank)DurbanPretoria65POW 15/7Demob 28/7/19. Maitland.
Fraser K W561725Clerk(SAR)Weybridge(UK)Umtata68POW 18/7Demob 15/2/19 . Perham Downs(UK)
Fuller S M319522FarmerKWTown(CP)Thaba Nchu (OFS)69MIA18/7Presumed dead. Com Thiepval.
Furmidge B W613226Clerk(SAR)Craddock(CP)Cradock (CP)65SurvivedDemob 22/5/19 Maitland.
Garland F L324122FarmerVerulam(N)Durban71POW 15/7Demob 25/12/18 Wynberg. Returned to Verulam.
Geraghty C P641718ClerkGeorgetown(Aust)Johannesburg65KIA 15/7Com Thiepval.
Gibb V J B317223Clerk(SAR)JohannesburgBloemfontein65WIA 18/7KIA 12/4/17. Arras. Com Brown`s copse cemetery. Roeux.
Gilgan P451927TailorCartonhugh(IRE)Durban68Survived.Demobed 24/8/19. Maitland.
Gilham C L8134Motor mechanicBraintree ( UK)Johannesburg69SurvivedDemobed 20/7/19. Maitland.
Gough B V319322Clerk(SAR)Port ElizabethBloemfontein66KIA 16/7Com Thiepval.
Green E M L315819Clerk(SAR)Noolen (UK)Bloemfontein70WIA 17/7Transferred to Bedfordshire Regt 28/1/18.
Greener C W473819Bell Hop(SAR)PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburg69POW 18/7.Escaped. Repatriated Holland 13/9/17. Joined RFC 22/5/18.
Greenhough P R634618ClerkDundee(N)Newcastle(N)67SurvivedDOW 22/3/18. Com Richmond cemetery, Surrey, UK.
Griffin T H615822Electrician(SAR)Willow Grange (N)Bloemfontein68WIA 18/7DOW 4/8/16. Com Thiepval.
Haig P449829ClerkSligo(IRE)Durban76KIA 15/7Tallest member of B Coy. Com Thiepval.
Harmsworth V R303424ClerkPietermaritzburgDurban70WIA 16/7DMU. Demob 4/11/17. Wynberg.
Harney D J618427MinerEast London(CP)Kimberley67SurvivedDOW 30/8/16. Com Cabaret Rouge cemetery.
Harvey J N324220FarmerVerulam(N)Durban68SurvivedWIA 23/6/18. Torpedoed aboard Galway Castle 18/9/18. Demob 3/2/19.Wynberg.
Hatton A C561022Blacksmith(SAR)Newcastle(N)Newcastle(N)70WIA 18/7WIA 20/9/17. DOW 20/10/18. Com Doingt cemetery.
Hatton V G C450223Fireman(SAR)Newcastle(N)Durban69SurvivedKIA 12/10/16. Warlencourt. Com Thiepval.
Heath A E618023FarmerBloemfonteinDundee(N)67WIA 16/7Transferred to RFC 9/4/17. KIA 8/7/17.
Heath C V452821CarpenterBloemfonteinBloemfontein68Survived.WIA 7/4/17. WIA 19/7/18. WIA 17/10/18. Demob 28/8/19. Maitland.
Heath E J363018Clerk(SAR)Bothaville(OFS)Bloemfontein70Survived.WIA 12/10/16. Warlencourt. DPU. Demobed 12/1/18. Wynberg.
Helfrich C J318225ButcherAliwal North(CP)Bloemfontein71WIA 18/7Demobed 24/8/19. Maitland. Returned to Aliwal.
Holder F468131MinerLady Grey (CP)Germiston69WIA 15/7DMU. Boarded 20/11/16.
Holder L FX40319Grocers asst.Devizes ( UK)Pietermaritzburg69WIA 15/7Demob 18/7/18. Rosebank.
Holliday C820919AssayerJohannesburgJohannesburg68Survived.KIA 10/10/16. Warlencourt. Com Thiepval.
Hood S455636ClerkLeicester (UK)Bloemfontein67Survived.DOW 14/4/17. Arras. Com Haute – Avesnes British cemetery.
Hudson E281838FarmerCheddar(UK)Durban67KIA 15/7Coy stretcher bearer. Com Delville wood.
Hutchinson A N319919FarmerLondon(UK)De Wetsdorp (OFS)75KIA 15/7Com Thiepval.
Inman J A448839Tram ConductorPenge(UK)Durban67WIA 16/7DMU. Demob 16/7/17. Wynberg.
Jackson L L451519ClerkDurbanDurban71Survived.DMU. Demob 12/1/18. Wynberg.
Juby L O636518ForemanGrahamstown(CP)Seymour(CP)65SurvivedKIA 12/10/16. Warlencourt. Com Thiepval.
Jurgens H T R475028SalesmanDurbanDurban72SurvivedPOW 24/3/18. Demob 24/5/19. Maitland.
Kannemeyer A R70821MechanicBurgersdorp(CP)Bloemfontein66KIA 18/7Com Thiepval.
Kidd G H316234TailorSunderland (UK)Bloemfontein67SurvivedKIA 12/10/16. Warlencourt. Warlencourt British cemetery.
Kirby J A271025ClerkDurbanDurban67Survived.Reported sick 18/7. POW 23/3/18. Demob 24/5/19. Maitland.
Kirkman W C268930ButcherNuneaton(UK)Durban68SurvivedWIA 19/4/17. WIA 30/4/18. POW. Demob 22/7/19. Maitland.
Kleinschmidt I319722ClerkOudtshoorn(CP)Bloemfontein68SurvivedWIA 19/4/17 Arras. Demob 15/2/19 Wynberg.
Knewstub W F276718SalesmanDurbanDurban65POW 18/7Taken prisoner in Longueval. Demob 24/4/19.
Knight W A560421FarmerLadismith(CP)Bloemfontein63Survived.KIA 12/10/16. Warlencourt. Com Thiepval.
Knoetze D453422BricklayerVryburg(CP)Potchefstroom68POW 18/7Demob 25/5/19. Maitland.
Kurz L276518SalesmanDurbanDurban70KIA 15/7Com Thiepval.
Lane J BX8634JournalistChiswick ( UK)London68SurvivedKIA 11/10/16. Warlencourt. Com Thiepval.
Lansdown B H316323Clerk(SAR)BloemfonteinBloemfontein68KIA 18/7Com Thiepval.
Laredo C F282526Clerk(SAR)Launceston(TAS)Durban65Survived.POW 24/3/18. Demobed 7/5/19. Maitland.
Laverack A470622ClerkDurbanDurban67WIA 16/7WIA 12/10/16. WIA 22/3/18. Demob 24/5/19. Maitland.
Lees R W316536Clerk(SAR)Sunderland(UK)Bloemfontein67DOW 20/7Com Thiepval.
Legassick305432BricklayerPenryn(UK)Bloemfontein69Survived.Demob 15/2/19. Wynberg.
Lewis E D351621Sanitary EngineerDurbanDurban68KIA 19/7Com Thiepval.
Loveless E H126738Gen dealerCraddock(CP)Bloemfontein67SurvivedDMU. Demob 27/4/17. Wynberg.
Lowe S H A23218ClerkMount Frere(CP)Durban69SurvivedDemob 29/4/19. Maitland.
Lubbie T A126625FarmerCalvinia(CP)Bloemfontein69Survived.Demob 1/4/19. Perham Downs.
Maher M P453918SailmakerPretoriaDurban65Survived.Demobed 22/4/19. Maitland.
Maher W486421CarpenterPietermaritzburgHarrismith(OFS)67WIA 15/7DMU. Demob 16/3/18. Bordon.
Malin J H454539WaiterOffenham(UK)Bloemfontein66KIA 18/7Com Thiepval.
Maritz G P81228FarmerGriquatown(CP)Kimberley66SurvivedDemob 22/5/19. Maitland.
Maritz J H M81130FarmerGriquatown(CP)Kimberley69Survived.WIA 16/11/17. Ypres. Demob 23/4/19. Maitland.
May J317131BlacksmithDevonport(UK)Bloemfontein71SurvivedDemob 23/4/19. Wynberg.
McClean C C648918FarmerDonnybrook(N)Himeville(N)66SurvivedDOW 13/4/17. Arras. Com Aubigny Communal cemetery.
McClean D R648820FarmerEstcourt(N)Himeville(N)67KIA 18/7Com Thiepval.
McKay B S649138AmalgamatorKildonan(Scot)Pretoria67SurvivedKIA 12/10/16. Warlencourt. Com Thiepval.
McKenzie G R613131FarmerCraddock(CP)Bedford(CP)67Survived.WIA 26/9/17. WIA 24/6/18. DPU. Demobed 24/5/19. Maitland.
McKenzie G R F613131FarmerCraddock(CP)Cradock (CP)67SurvivedWIA 21/9/17. WIA 23/6/18. DPU. Demob 25/4/19. Maitland.
McKinnon J D273720BoilermakerPhiladelphia(USA)Dundee(N)72WIA 18/7DMU. Demob 19/2/18. Maitland.
McLachlan J450127Coachbuilder(SAR)East London(CP)Bloemfontein69SurvivedMIA 12/10/16. Warlencourt. Com Thiepval.
McMahon J A456018App electricianCairo(Egypt)Durban65Survived.POW 24/3/18. Demobed 30/7/19. Wynberg.
Michaels H15230ClerkBlackpool(UK)Pretoria68Survived.KIA 23/3/18. Com Roye New British cemetery.
Middleton H G N316920Clerk(mines)Bethlehem(OFS)Vredefort(OFS)67Survived.WIA 9/4/17. Arras. Demob 8/9/19. Maitland.
Middleton J N V316818StudentBethlehem(OFS)Vredefort(OFS)70SurvivedKIA 12/4/17. Arras. Com Brown`s copse cemetery. Roeux.
Moodie F449718DraperDurbanDurban67WIA 15/7DMU. Demob 17/4/18. Wynberg.
Morris H R316721ClerkRondebosch(CP)Durban70WIA16/7Demob 8/5/19.
Morrison J W346918Clerk(SAR)DurbanDurban67Survived.DMU. Demob 21/1/18. Wynberg.
Mulley V H W300319SalesmanDurbanDurban69POW 15/7Repatriated 2/12/18. Demobed 16/3/19.Wynberg.
Murray J W606723Butter MakerSydney(Aust)Harrismith(OFS)69Sick 16/7KIA 20/7/18. Meteren Military cemetery.
Nel J455218Porter(SAR)Ladismith(CP)Laingsburg(CP)66SurvivedWIA 12/4/17. WIA29/3/18. Demob 19/8/19. Maitland.
Nichol E D451818GrocerDurbanDurban69WIA 16/7DPU. Demob 19/2/18. Wynberg.
Noble C A319821Clerk(SAR)Woolwich(UK)Ficksburg(OFS)73Survived.DOW 10/11/16. Com St Sever cemetery Rouen.
O`Connor C F R94929FarmerBloemfonteinBloemfontein67MIA 18/7.PD. Com Thiepval.
O`Hara F126538SalesmanDublin (IRE)Durban70DU 23/7Demob 13/11/19. Perham Downs.
Oliver A M449639Clerk(SAR)London(UK)Durban65DMU 23/7DPU 24/9/16. Demob 24/9/17. Wynberg.
Pauls H M7035Builders ForemanHumansdorp(CP)Cape Town72WIA 18/7WIA 18/7/16. DU. Demob 24/9/17. Wynberg. Served in E Africa.
Paxton C H300224SalesmanDurbanDurban68WIA 18/7DMU. Demobed 3/1/17. Durban.
Peacock W F C364121MechanicFicksburg(OFS)Bloemfontein69SurvivedWIA 9/4/17. Arras. DPU. Demobed 13/1/18. Wynberg. Re enlisted SAHA.
Pittam J617935FarmerPietermaritzburgPietermaritzburg68WIA 16/7Demobed 17/2/19. Wynberg.
Pittam T448131Tram ConductorPietermaritzburgDurban68WIA 18/7DPU. Demobed 17/2/19. Wynberg.
Poole W H452118Coachbuilder(SAR)DurbanDurban69SurvivedKIA 14/10/16. Warlencourt. Com Thiepval.
Power F348122Window dresserCamberwell(UK)Durban68POW 15/7Captured Longueval. Demobed 5/6/19. Maitland.
Pritchard H G315323Bank ClerkKent(UK)Bloemfontein71Survived.2 Lt 19/5/17. Lt 19/11/18. Demob 7/10/19. Maitland.
Pulford H452420StoremanDurbanDurban65KIA 18/7Com Thiepval.
Raine J R316438Stationmaster(SAR)Durham(UK)Bloemfontein68SurvivedWIA 12/10/16. Warlencourt. Demob 11/11/19. Maitland.
Reed W G347123Clerk(SAR)Kokstad(N)Durban71WIA 15/7DPU. Demob 8/6/18. Wynberg.
Rees P D354637HandymanArklow(IRE)Potchefstroom67WIA 18/7DPU. Discharged 10/10/16.
Reid W472936PlumberDundee(SCOT)Bloemfontein69KIA 18/7Com Thiepval.
Richards P E303621Hammer Driver(SAR)Alexandria(Egypt)Durban67POW 15/7Demob 24/5/19 Maitland
Robinson J453328CompositorVryburg (CP)Vryburg(CP)67POW 16/7Demob 27/5/19 Maitland.
Robson W383221Riveter(SAR)Umlaas(N)Durban71Survived.WIA 12/10/16. Warlencourt. Demobed 7/4/19. Wynberg.
Ryall H321818BlacksmithPietermaritzburgRichmond(N)66WIA 18/7DPU. Demobed 30/4/18. Wynberg.
Ryder A311418PostmanNewcastle(N)Newcastle(N)69SurvivedMM. Sgt 18/4/18. 2 Lt 15/7/18. Demob 29/5/19. Maitland.
Scruby T310340CarpenterLondon(UK)Harrismith(OFS)67SurvivedKIA 8/9/16. Com Villers – au – Bois Military cemetery.
Sealey B304125Electrician(SAR)DurbanDurban65SurvivedWIA 23/3/18. Demob 15/2/19. Maitland.
Sephton A H448329Coach builder(SAR)Manchester (UK)Boemfontein70SurvivedKIA 12/4/17. Arras. Com Arras Memorial.
Sharp G W654727Engine Driver(SAR)PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburg67POW 15/7Demob 7/5/19. Maitland.
Sinclair G S27722ClerkGlasgow(Scot)Pretoria62WIA 18/7.KIA 12/4/17. Arras. Com Athies communal cemetery.
Smith J N370735House DecoratorJamestown( St Helena )Durban70WIA 18/7WIA 11/4/18. DU. Demob 17/12/18. Wynberg.
Smith W473230ClerkOld Cumnock(Scot)Durban67Survived.Demob 5/5/19. Perham Downs.
Spreckley E H S319131ClerkCape TownBloemfontein68SurvivedWIA 12/10/16. Warlencourt. DPU. Demob 16/10/17. Wynberg.
Sterley G A455918TraderMaseru ( Lesotho)Wepener(OFS)64WIA 15/7DMU. Demob 5/3/18. Wynberg. Died 13/10/18 Wanderers hospital JHB.
Sumner E105419Clerk(SAR)Manchester (UK)Bloemfontein65WIA 15/7POW 23/3/18. Demob 24/5/19. Maitland.
Sutcliffe N B562826Clerk(SAR)PietermaritzburgUmzinto(N)67WIA 15/7MIA 12/10/16. Warlencourt. Presumed dead. Com Thiepval.
Swan E J301021SalesmanLadysmith(N)Durban69WIA16/7DPU. Demob 12/1/18. Wynberg.
Tedder L B322027FarmerIsipingo(N)Durban70WIA 16/7WIA 12/4/17. WIA 11/4/18. Messines. 2 Lt 18/12/18. demob 11/6/19. Maitland.
Theobald W347423Shop asstPietermaritzburgDurban68KIA 18/7Com. Delville Wood cemetery.
Thomson D J634823Coach Builder(SAR)Port ElizabethBloemfontein67KIA 18/7Com Thiepval.
Thorne W R317322Clerk(SAR)JohannesburgBloemfontein72SurvivedKIA 12/10/16. Com Thiepval.
Timmins J318441Pipe LayerAntrim (IRE )Bloemfontein70Survived.DMU. Demob 10/1/17. Wynberg. Reattested 16/1/17 GEA.
Tremearne R C448621ClerkDurbanDurban69POW 15/7Demob 24/5/19. Maitland.
Tuckett L J452920PostmanDurbanDurban70KIA 18/7Com Thiepval.
Tyson J P372639Foreman(SAR)Ambleside(UK)Durban68POW 18/7Demob 24/5/19. Maitland.
Upfold G E466718Cabinet makerPietermaritzburgPietermaritzburg68WIA 18/7DPU. Demobed 12/1/18. Wynberg.
Van Heerden W J455127LabourerSterkstroom(CP)Laingsburg(CP)66WIA 15/7POW 23/3/18.Demob 7/5/19. Maitland.
Van Tonder A J455318FarmerWinburg(OFS)Mafeking(CP)66WIA 18/7WIA 12/4/17. DPU. Demob 5/8/18. Wynberg.
Van Tonder J N450921FarmerWinburg(OFS)Mafeking(CP)72KIA 18/7Com Thiepval.
Vlok N J42937FarmerCalvinia(CP)Kimberley(CP)72WIA 15/7DPU. Demob 8/7/17. Wynberg.
Vos H466321FarmerNewcastle(N)Newcastle(N)69SurvivedWIA 29/9/17. Ypres. DU. Demob 5/8/18. Wynberg.
Walters P T450421Grocers asst.PietermaritzburgDurban66SurvivedDemobed 7/5/19. Maitland.
Walton F667739TelegraphistYork(UK)Durban65KIA 18/7Com Thiepval.
Warren H T273018ClerkMaclear(CP)Maclear(CP)68KIA 18/7Com Thiepval.
Watkins E383321Storeman(SAR)Port ElizabethDurban64KIA 18/7Com Thiepval.
Weimer T317722Clerk(SAR)Burgersdorp(CP)Bloemfontein70WIA 17/7Coy stretcher bearer. WIA 12/4/17, 9/10/18. Demob 2/5/19. Maitland.
Wiggil A G560619FarmerCathcart(CP)Kroonstadt(OFS)72WIA 18/7DU. Demobed 30/12/17. Wynberg.
Williams R326019MachinistKimberley(CP)Bloemfontein67MIA 18/7PD. Com Thiepval.
Williamson J319036EngineerCape TownJohannesburg72SurvivedWIA 9/4/17. Arras. Demobed 3/6/19. Maitland.
Wilson A M450030AccountantRenfrewshire(Scot)Durban70KIA 18/7Com Thiepval.
Wilson E C22435FarmerGriqualand EastDurban72WIA 18/7WIA 3/8/17. DPU. Demob 5/3/18. Wynberg.
Wilson W H448420EngineerBirmingham(UK)Durban70SurvivedPOW 2/5/18. Demob ed 22/7/19. Maitland.
Young W C453120Clerk(SAR)Knocklochlin (IRE)Durban68MIA 18/7PD. Com Thiepval.

A table of the 13 men not included in the listing above, is as follows:

Arnold A R6145KIA 8/7/16. Bernafay Wood.
Brader B S P3032Medically unfit. Demobed Oct 1916
Beeton G3430No record found
Cowan P A4512Died of shrapnel wounds. 13/7/16.
Eppel A4499Declared medically unfit.
Garstang T4723WIA 8/7/16. Bernafay Wood.
Hadlow W976WIA 12/7/16. Talus Boise.
Jackson W A3232Declared medically unfit
Keating F3477Declared medically unfit
McDonald A4690No Record. Buried Wynberg 29 August 1916.
Strachan R2803Declared medically unfit
Van Rensburg J F J1209Declared medically unfit
Woodhead G V3891Declared medically unfit
2nd Regiment , 7th and 8th platoon.
2nd Regiment - 7th and 8th Platoon
7th platoon
8th platoon